The future of science-policy connections

02.02.2012 – UNESCO Office in Venice

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Water resources managers are faced with challenges posed by uncertain climate and socio-economic changes. Action needs to be taken now and adaptation requires increased information exchange and cooperation at all scales, particularly between policy-makers and scientific communities. New management approaches and instruments are needed to support dialogue between these communities. UNESCO is supportive of the PSI-connect EC FP7 funded project and a member of its Advisory Board. PSI-connect works to develop, test and disseminate knowledge brokering practices offering opportunities to facilitate interaction between policy-makers and researchers in the field of water management and climate change.

UNESCO Venice Office will host two events organised by PSI-connect, the Training workshop on collaboration tools to support science-policy interactions and the Final conference on the future of science policy connections, to be held respectively on 19 and 20 April 2012 at its premises in Palazzo Zorzi.

The workshop aims at introducing participants to knowledge brokering instruments such as systems thinking and scenario planning. Practitioners with significant know-how in the field have designed a programme around interactive and practical sessions and facilitated discussions. Participants will learn new methods to strengthen the relationship between science and policy and explore how to apply these at their own work.

The final conference will focus on collaboration tools for more effective water management drawing on evidences from conducted case studies. The objectives are to guide policy makers and scientists to benefit from opportunities and to share good practices for successfully using collaboration tools. This event will consist of a combination of presentations and interactive sessions and will bring together a community of policy makers, scientists and professionals working with and between these communities.

UNESCO Venice Office is extending particular invitation to representatives of the UNESCO Natural Sciences Sector and of the IHP National Committees of SEE, Black Sea and Caucasus countries, to whom financial support will be provided for travel and accommodation costs (on a “first come, first served” basis).

Registration will close on 6 April 2012. For further information, please visit the website: or contact Catarina Henriques (c.henriques(at) or Michela De Faveri (

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